Shelene & Barbara – Season 1 Recap

Season 1 Episode 11 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

Join Shelene and Barbara in the #SplashZone as they highlight their favorite moments of Season One.

Bianca Olthoff

Season 1 Episode 10 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

Bianca Olthoff is a passionate, Jesus-loving, Bible-teaching author, speaker, and mega splasher. She’s also the founder of In the Name of Love, an outreach to women in prison. Tune in to hear about when Shelene stepped out of her comfort zone to join Bianca at a prison to share the love of God. And be…

Aloni Ford

Season 1 Episode 9 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

Reality television producer Aloni Ford steps into the splash zone to share how she stepped out of her comfort zone to pursue her dream. She also discusses how growing up in unfair and difficult circumstances helped shape her character, her relationship with God, and her willingness to take a leap of faith.

Michael Warren

Season 1 Episode 8 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

As a writer, producer, and creator of some of the most memorable family TV shows, Michael Warren splashed us through our screens with humor, character, and values for decades. He joins Shelene and Barbara to chat about his time in Hollywood, marriage, parenthood, and his second act in life.