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Does your heart ever feel dehydrated? You’re not alone. A trickle of love just isn’t enough to replenish us – we need a SPLASH! Dive in with author and speaker Shelene Bryan to frank and fun conversations with her buddy Barbara Cameron and guests about marriage, parenting, faith, charity, and everything in between. It’s time to get splashed with plenty of love and laughter to rehydrate your soul. Subscribe today!
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Charge the Storm – with Kristie Beitz

Season 4 Episode 39 -

LISTEN NOW Joining us in the splash zone is our friend Kristie Beitz Senior Associate Athletics Director – Academic Affairs for Liberty University! Kristie Splashes her community with the love of Jesus by welcoming interruptions. Students, staff and families know that Kristie’s door, cell phone, home is ALWAYS open to you. This episode makes you…

Eliminating Hurry and 2020 Vision

Season 4 Episode 38 -

LISTEN NOW We kick off a new decade and Splash Season 4 with Shelene and Barbara talking about the importance of eliminating hurry as you lay out your vision for the next decade and beyond.

Keep The Faith Radio Podcast

KeepTheFaithRadio Shelene Bryan shares how her organization, Skip1.org funds food and water projects.

The Drew Marshall Show Podcast-a must listen Drew Marshall Radio Show

The Drew Marshall Show Podcast-a must listen Drew Marshall Radio Show April 23, 2016 What if you could live your entire life with the kind of split-second faith that crying out to God brings? In Ridiculous Faith, founder of Skip1.organd bestselling author of Love, Skip, Jump, Shelene Bryan shares simple truths that have changed her…