Jonathan Koch

Season 1 Episode 7 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

Jonathan Koch was a Hollywood producer with over 150 TV series under his belt. He was a dedicated athlete, had a girlfriend he adored, and a daughter he lived for – he had it all. But when he was stricken with a mysterious illness and given a 10% chance to live, Jonathan was faced with…

Cheril Hendry

Season 1 Episode 6 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

When Shelene met advertising and marketing CEO, Cheril Hendry, it was a divine appointment. Allowing their plans to be disrupted, God brought them together to pursue His. They discuss how God has us right where we need to be, we can show Jesus wherever we are, and reaching one person at a time can cause…

Lisa Chan

Season 1 Episode 5 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

Lisa and her husband Francis started Cornerstone church in 1996, growing the congregation to over 4000 people. She sits down with Shelene and Barbara to talk about the decision to leave and take their ministry to the tough streets of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco. She also discusses her new book You and Me…

Kym Douglas

Season 1 Episode 4 -
Splash with Shelene Bryan

You’ll recognize beauty and lifestyle expert, Kym Douglas from the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family and her segments on Ellen. In an unexpected revelation, Kym shares that she’s been hit with a terrifying tsunami. It’s an honest, transparent, and raw conversation between friends. If you need a tidal wave of support, compassion, and reminder of…